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November 24th, 2019


Introduction to Kotlin Programming Language (Kotlin.jvm)

By: John Fernandez | UniCourt

  1. Hands-on Workshop: Introduction to Docker for Developers
  2. IAM for Node.js

By: Augustine Correa | @HackMum

Introduction to Manticore Search - a full text search engine

By: Vishnu | UniCourt

Introduction to iOS Application development using native frameworks

By: Ashish Alva | CodeCraft

App Modernization - Building Infra Agnostic Applications the Cloud Way

By: Suhan Shetty | Niveus

API development put on steroids

By: Karthik Bhat | UniCourt

Decentralizing finance using blockchain

By: Koshik Raj | Consenso Labs

CI/CD of your application using Jenkins to your Kubernetes cluster

By: Amit Thapa | UniCourt

Progressive Web Apps

By: Sachin Kondana | CodeCraft

Python Debugging and Profiling

By: Vineet Lasrado | UniCourt